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We are all staying home so why not paint?

If you haven’t tried Zoom, it is fun and easy.  You tell me you want to join the class, I send you a link by email, you click the link and you can see and hear me at my easel, ask questions and show me your work.  Give it a try!  

If you have questions, just call or email.  If you are not sure if it will work for you, we can have a test meeting ahead of the class so you will feel confident.

Watercolor classes

Watercolor Classes for Beginners & Intermediates

  • While we can't meet in person, you can paint with me at home on Zoom.  Its easy, I send you a link to invite you and the class is live on your computer or tablet.  Contact me for more information.

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Credit & Refund Policy

Because of the limited size of my studio/classroom, classes are limited to seven students.   Classes are reserved once payment has been received. No refunds or credits.

There are two classes offered each month. If you wish to attend only 1 of the classes, you will be on a wait list until 7 days before that class. If there is space at that time, you will be notified by email and payment can be paid at class.




My classes are limited to 7 students.  I usually start with a short demonstration of a specific technique  (mixing colors, values, simplifying compositions, etc) and then everyone works independently.  Beginners get special instruction and exersizes so  each student can learn at their own pace.  

I will encourage you to work at home. Critique with the group is up to you..  Classes are fun with a positive energy.  My beautiful daylight studio has sweeping views with frequent visits from wildlife.  

Not sure if watercolor is for you?  You can use my supplies for your first class.  Then, if you are ready to go for it, I will give you a supply list and help you set up your palette.



I love to travel....and I would rather capture the exotic locations on my journal than take photos (I leave that to my husband)!

I have great techniques to quickly compose a street scene: sketch with a Micron pen and then paint it with quick washes from my travel palette... everything fits in your backpack.  

From time to time, I teach a class on me if you are interested.



Dear Dori,

I want you to know that you had a major impact on my "artistic" skills. And for that, I am indebted forever.  I never imagined that I could end up with nine watercolor paintings in nine days and that I would like each one. That is SO crazy!

I've taken a dozen watercolor workshops over the past three years, including five with the phenomenal artist Karlyn Holman, yet you taught me critical elements that had not been taught to me before, specifically, creating gorgeous colors from basic red, blue, yellow, etc. I am also grateful for your instruction on how to re-imagine my tourist photos so that they could be turned

into well-crafted paintings.

You also taught me not to be afraid to venture forth with watercolor. "After all, it's only paper." After your instruction, I feel emboldened and fearless to go forth and create!

Thank you again,

Dianne Zalewski


Beginners can 'paint along' with a step by step class.  Everyone will finish a painting.